Great Gatsby Style

Un editorial lleno de inspiración dorada

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The Golden Age. That was what ‘The Great Gatsby’ was all about. Get a taste of that stylish era, We recreated the opulence, the excitement, the craziness and of course the extravagant style and timeless fashion.

Featuring Majorcan pearls from my collection including the divine necklaces available in many colours, and the gorgeous pearl and diamond earrings as well as the leather clutch with flower brooch. We are excited to recreate the feeling of this era and the incredibly embellished fashion of the 1920s.

A glass of champagne and a stylish pearl necklace is all a girl needs to look and feel stunning. This is our Golden Age fashion shoot to inspire you for that extra special occasions. Cheers!

Models: Nora Matisz and Jennifer Jane
Photographer: Gabor Marton
Shot on location at: Son Julia Country Hotel, Mallorca
Styling: Helen Cummins and Eloísa Kassai
Make-up: Jennifer Jane
Hair-style: Peluquería Tabatha, Son Rapinya


Rialto Living
Angel Schlesser
Hugo Boss
Michal Negrin
Tolo Crespí
Helen Cummins